Explanation of Profit Leaderboard

Users can check their profit amount and profit rate rankings on the profit leaderboard, serving as a basis for decision-making and information reference for trading. By clicking the button on the right side of a ranking, users can also easily share the ranking poster to their social circles for interactions.

Here are the details:

Eligibility for the Ranking: Users with a cumulative trading volume of 200,000 can make it to the ranking. The Profit Ranking displays only the top 20 profitable users.

Update time: It is updated around 12:00 PM every Monday.

Statistics period: It starts counting from 00:00 AM on Monday and is updated in real-time. For example, if it's Wednesday, the profit leaderboard will show data accumulated from Monday to Wednesday.

How to view: Simply go to the profit leaderboard page, where you can switch between the profit amount and profit rate rankings at any time.

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