Get Started with Kine Perpetual Copy Trading - Follower Guidance


  • Ensure that your trading margin type is USDT.
  • Your copy trading account balance needs to be ≥ 50 USD.

2.Contract Options

Currently, Kine supports copy trading for contracts of three major cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, and BNB.

3.Operational Guideline - Kine APP

Step 1: Open the KINE App and go to the home page. Look for the navigation bar and tap on the [Copy Trading] option to enter the copy trading page.

Step 2: On the copy trading page, click on the [Overall Ranking] tab to sort and filter traders based on criteria. You can now sort the traders based on criteria like "Overall Ranking," "Total Return Rate," "Total Profits," and "Copiers' Total Profits." Review the rankings and choose the trader(s) that align with your preferences.

Step 3: Select the trader to follow and complete the copy trading setup. Click the "Copy" button on the top right of the trader's profile card to access the copy trading settings.

  • Firstly, deposit/transfer at least 10 USDT as margin to your copy trading account.
  • Choose either [Fixed Margin] or [Fixed Multiplier] mode.
  • Set [Margin Limit], [Take Profit Ratio], [Stop Loss Ratio], and select trading pairs to copy.
  • Click [Follow Trader] and select "I confirm that I have read, understood and agree to the Trader Agreement". Then [Confirm] to complete the setup.

Step 4: View and edit your copy trading.After completing the copy trading process, you can click on [My Copy Trading] at the top right corner of the [Copy Trading] page to access and review your current copy trading information.

Step 5: After setting up your copy trading, it will take effect once the trader opens their next trade. You can then monitor your profits by visiting the [My Copy Trading] page under [Copy Trading].

4.Cancel Copy Trading

Followers can choose to [Unfollow] a trader in the [My Copy Trading - My Traders - Current Follow] section without affecting existing positions. Once unfollowed, if the trader opens a new trade, it will no longer be copied.

Additionally, users can also set [Stop Copying After Profit] or [Stop Copying After Loss] for the followed traders in the [My Copy Trading - Settings].

  1. Choose your trader(s)

On the copy trading homepage, you can click on any trader to access their detailed profile. The trader's profile will provide the following key information:

Info Explanation
Total Revenue The total revenue is the sum of realized profits and losses from all closed orders, excluding funding fees and commissions.
Follower's Total Revenue The total profit generated by all followers of the trader refers to the sum of realized PnL from all closed orders executed by the followers, excluding funding fees and commissions.
Total Return Total return is the percentage increase or decrease in value of a trader's portfolio from all closed orders.
Win Rate Win rate = Number of profitable orders / Total no. of orders.
Profit Sharing After making profits from following a trader, you should pay a total commission rate to both the trader and your referrer. If you have no referrer, you only need to pay the trader's commission rate.
Cumulative Followers The cumulative number of followers tracking this trader (including historical and current followers).
AUM The total value of assets currently being copied by traders copying a lead trader.
Avg. Holding Period Avg. holding period = Total length of time positions were held for / Number of positions held.
Trades (Win / Loss Trades) The total number of closed or reduced orders up to the current moment.Trades=Win trades + Loss tradesWin refers to an order's PNL≥0Loss refers to an order's PNL<0
Preferred Currency The trading pair that has the highest proportion of opening orders in a trader's history of closed trades.
  1. Copy Trading Settings Terminology
Info Explanation
Fixed Margin
  1. The fixed margin you use for each opening order when following a trader is a predetermined amount that includes the initial margin and transaction fees. For instance, if you set a fixed margin of 100 USDT, every order you place while copying the trader will require a margin of 100 USDT.
  2. You have the flexibility to modify this amount at any time during the copy trading process. The updated amount will come into effect in the next trade you execute while following the trader.
Fixed Multiplier
  1. It represents opening positions based on a multiple of the trader's position size. You can set the range from 0.2x to 5x, indicating that you can open positions that are 0.2 times to 5 times the size of the trader's position.
  2. You have the flexibility to modify this multiplier at any time during the copy trading process. The updated multiplier will take effect in the next trade you execute while following the trader.
Deposit You can deposit assets to your copy trading account by making an on-chain transfer.
Transfer You can transfer funds from your asset account to your copy trading account without any transaction fees.
Margin Limit It represents the maximum amount of margin used for opening positions while following a trader. Once this limit is reached, further following will be stopped, and only closing positions will continue. If you don't set a specific limit, the system's maximum limit will be used by default.

Take Profit Ratio

When the profit ratio exceeds the set percentage, the position will be automatically closed. The take profit ratio can be customized between 0% and 200% based on the initial margin. For instance, if you set a take profit ratio of 30% with an initial margin of 100U, the system will close the position when the profit reaches approximately 30U (actual closing depends on market conditions).
Stop Loss Ratio When the loss ratio exceeds the set percentage, the position will be automatically closed. The stop loss ratio can be adjusted between 0% and 200% based on the initial margin. For example, if you set a stop loss ratio of 80% with an initial margin of 100U, the system will close the position when the loss reaches 80U (actual closing depends on market conditions).
Copy Trade Token You have the option to follow all the currencies of a trader or freely select the currencies set by the trader. Please choose at least one currency to complete the setup.
Current Copiers

You can view current position orders and other information related to your copy trading.

Historical Copiers You can check previous copy trading records.
Copy Trading Profit You can view historical copy trading profits.
My Lead Trader You can view both your current and past followed traders as well as the traders you are currently following.
  1. Precautions

  2. Traders who have reached their maximum capacity are not permitted to engage in copy trading.

  3. Once you have started copying a trader, you cannot duplicate the copy trading and modify the parameters. You can only re-copy the same trader once the ongoing copy trading session has concluded.
  4. If a previous follower has been verified as a trader now, their role will change to that of a trader. They can only provide trading strategies, not copying trades.
  5. After successfully copying a trader, you will only follow that specific trader and cannot copy other traders.
  6. If you possess significant experience in trading and are open to sharing your trading strategies, you have the opportunity to apply as a Kine perpetual signal provider. This allows you to earn substantial profit-sharing rewards while actively engaging in trading.

  7. Risk Warning

  8. Please set appropriate TP and SL ratios to minimize net value fluctuations.

  9. Please establish reasonable fixed margins and maximum position limits to control opening costs.
  10. Without considering copy trading multiplier, leverage system, and individual constraints, copiers will replicate the trader's position changes until it is no longer feasible with the copy trading funds. This may result in inconsistent profits between copiers and traders.
  11. KINE, its affiliates, service providers, or suppliers make no representations, warranties, or guarantees regarding whether you can achieve similar profits or losses as the trader you are copying.
  12. You fully understand all risks associated with digital assets and related trading.
  13. You are solely responsible for any and all risks and losses associated with using this service and engaging in digital asset and related trading.

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