Trading Mining

Trading Mining event has expierd.

KINE Trading Mining is starting from 30th March 2021. Connect to to share the $10,000 daily rewards. Every single trade counts.


According to the Kine Token Model, 40% of total KINE supply will be used for ecosystem grant. Trading Mining is our primary program to distribute token rewards to all traders -- one of the most important participants of Kine ecosystem.


On daily basis, certain amount of KINE will be rewarded to traders with executed trades in the previous day base on his/her contribution to the overall platform volume.

Over $35,000 worth of KINE will be distributed every week , i.e. $5,000 worth of KINE per day. The reward amount will be reviewed on weekly basis.


Once a trader's yesterday trading volume meet certain requirement ($1500 at the moment ) , he/she can participant in splitting the rewards pool. Say there are 100 traders have over $1500 volume yesterday, than the $ 5,000 worth KINE will be equally shared by them, so 100$ worth KINE each.


Latest by UTC 1:30 AM, trading rewards in KINE generated in the previous day will be distributed to trader's wallet balance on

eg: On 29th March, system sets the total trading rewards for 30th March as $20000, pool requirement volume set at $1000. KINE's 29th March close price at $5. Through 30th March, John has traded $100,000 meantime total of 20 traders has traded more than $1000. By 1:30 AM 1st April, John will receive his trading mining rewards for 30th March.

Rewards amount = 20000/5/20 = 200 KINE

John will receive 200 KINE in total.

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