Quick Exchange

To provide a cheaper as well as easier solution for USDT/ holders to trade, Kine exchange supports USDT/USDC deposit/withdraw and quick exchange between USDC/USDT and kUSD.

Let's do one example. Go to Balance->Wallet, find USDT.

Click "Deposit" and copy your deposit address for USDT, transfer USDT into this address from your Metamask wallet or your other exchange account.

After USDT arrived, click "Exchange" , and choose exchange in currency "kUSD". User can enjoy $1000 worth free quota (without spread) for each exchange pair.

Input the amount USDT you want to exchange, system will tell you how many kUSD you will receive, price is valid for around 10 seconds

Click "OK" to complete the exchange, your USDT and kUSD balance will change accordingly.

Now you can transfer the kUSD to trading account and start trading!

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