How to Deposit

【Deposit】Steps are as follows:

Step 1: Open the KINE APP, click on "Assets" at the bottom of the homepage navigation bar to enter the asset page.

Step 2: Click on "Deposit" and select the currency you want to deposit.

Step 3: Select a network. You can choose to use the TRC20, ERC20, or BEP20 network. (Note: Be sure to select the same network as the withdrawal platform to avoid potential asset loss!)

Step 4: Copy the generated deposit address to the withdrawal address on the withdrawal platform. (Note: The minimum deposit amount is 1 USDT. Deposits below this minimum will not be credited and cannot be returned.)

Step 5: Using Binance as an example, copy the generated address to the withdrawal platform, select the corresponding currency and the correct network, and carefully verify your address (an incorrect address can lead to irreversible loss of funds). Deposits are credited automatically, and the specific crediting time depends on network speed.

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