Blind Box + NFT FAQ

1. Which chain users can participate in the blind box opening activity?

  • Currently only BSC users and Avalanche users can participate in the blind box activity
  • Users who log in to with Ethereum and Polygon and complete the transactions, the reward will be sent to the BSC chain by default
  • When access NFT box, the system will prompt switch to BSC or Avalanche

2.How to transfer KINE from other exchanges to BSC or Avalanche chain?

The KINE protocol supports cross-chains. Users can transfer KINE to, and then withdraw KINE to BSC or Avalanche chain from

3.Where can I buy KINE?

  • Buy from Okex
  • On the BSC chain, please use Pancake Swap, Babyswap or MDEX to purchase
  • Trader Joe on Avalanche
  • Uniswap on Ethereum

4.There are no assets on the Avalanche chain, such as BCH, LTC, ADA, etc. How can I exchange it?

  • For assets that are not available on Avalanche, we will generate official altcoins on Avalanche, such as BCH, We will generate BCH.k and put it in a blind box
  • After the user opens the blind box, the official token will be sent to the designated address, which will be officially accepted as USDT. The official acceptance address is: 0xc7376ed8615D2c69B01EC272c66C3030e6129d2E
  • Within one working day, the official will exchange the tokens into USDT at the price of Binance at the time of receipt of the tokens, and deposit them into the user’s account on the exchange.
  • The contract address of the officially issued alt coins are as follows:
Token Symbol Contract Address
BCH.k 0xC23c5913d40adda7273544F685a6685389D9e8e9
LTC.k 0xB6579885964B65D34B05B0D7176e05bCD259608d
AXS.k 0x3C73B0F6ea9E0CD62014291A4472364903Dcfa94
WAVAX 0xb31f66aa3c1e785363f0875a1b74e27b85fd66c7
FIL.k 0xaB5F4f962c5bC971F00E6D4Bc425022821877661
ETC.k 0x7bDB2a4939076A497ABaB5c24c5fAbD835Cd3F00
DOT.k 0xc436692de82e1E7B97Dbc9fe9CC4bFe6A630fb87
EOS.k 0x95F6F7B5096a1462719C09d431428C23F50E604E
ADA.k 0x1e311efC937F975FCF194f112177574132147d41
MATIC.k 0x9E7A8DA1B3C23Af3BDA232e5C70Ce5de044311EA
XRP.k 0x70163dd4B3eD40a4fbd8eFA16caE727d7E958765
DOGE.k 0x0378FCB44F7f673b43EE172eb42014C51de86788
TRX.k 0x8B8C72465f1E35f38f0548f999255763180796d0

5. How many blind boxes can users get every day? Is the blind box time-sensitive?

  • Each user, on a chain, can only get one blind box per day
  • Blind boxes need to be opened within the specified time. Blind boxes are distributed before 24 o'clock every day, and users need to pick them up between 0 o'clock and 24 o'clock the next day, SG time.
  • Blind boxes that are not collected within the time limit will be invalid.
  • If the user participates in multiple activities at the same time, and each activity receives a blind box, the blind box will be issued to a different chain

6.What are the rules for 'Trading Fun' based on transaction volume?

  • The transaction volume is calculated on a daily basis, and the calculation time is from UTC 10:00am(T+0) to 10:00am (T+1) .
  • Trading volume is not distinguished by trading assets, any trading pair transactions will be counted

7.What currencies can users use to purchase cards?

  • KINE
  • BNB on BSC chain
  • AVAX on Avalanche chain

8.How many KINE tokens will be rewarded after the Advanced card is burned? How is it calculated?

Once the Advanced NFT card is burned, the corresponding tokens and extra KINE token rewards will be sent to your wallet. KINE token rewards consist of both fixed and cumulative rewards.

The forging rules and KINE token rewards are as following:

The cumulated part is determined by the time length between it's forge and burn, every week after it's forged, apprex.2% worth of the NFT's face value will be accounted into the NFT in the form of KINE token, so around 100% of APR in KINE.

Take below case as a example:

John forged a Gold class advanced NFT with 19 base NFTs, and decided to burn it after 1 week. At that time, the 19 token asset worth $10,000 combined, and KINE is at $2. Then John will receive the 19 token and below amount of KINE: 3000+10000/2 100%(1/52) = 3096

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