Risk Control Measures

1.Affiliates' commission accounts and their associated accounts (including, but not limited to, referral relationships) that engage in frequent circular trading or abnormal transaction activities involving rapid capital turnover and wash trading may have all their commissions and illicit gains deducted if they meet the specified criteria. In severe cases, the affiliate qualification will also be revoked.

2.If there are multiple related accounts that engage in trading and the number of trades conducted by these accounts exceeds 100 cumulatively in a single day, including opening, closing, increasing, and decreasing positions, each considered one trade, those who meet the specified criteria will have all their commissions and illicit gains earned on that day deducted.

3.If the number of orders placed with an interval of less than three minutes exceeds 20% of the total orders for the day (including both opening and closing orders), the commission for that day will be deducted.

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