How to Schedule a Live Stream on Kine?

The K Square social module has officially integrated with the KINE APP, providing users with a chance to post, discuss market trends, and participate in live broadcasts. This enables you to effortlessly discover a new identity and enjoy a rich trading experience. So, once you've successfully applied to become a broadcaster, how do you schedule your first live stream?

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Edit Your Live Streaming Nickname

Navigate to the edit section in the personal center. It's crucial to customize your nickname because it will be displayed during the live show.

Step 2: Download Third-Party Software

Visit the page: SDK Download Link for TalkFun Cloud Live (, and choose the appropriate one to download the latest software.

Step 3: Submit Your Reservation

Locate the "Video" tab and refer to the example in the "Live Demonstration" to submit your live broadcast reservation request.

Step 4: Wait for Approval

After submitting your reservation, wait for operational approval. Once approved, you can go to the "Live Details" page to obtain the broadcast access link.

Step 5: Activate The Live Link

Copy the link and paste it into your browser, then follow the instructions in the document. Once successfully logged in, you can start the live broadcast at the scheduled time.

*Please note that the current third-party live streaming software does not support window sharing. You can choose full-screen sharing for a better live streaming experience.

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