About login / signup

Website Login / Signup

1、Visit Kine Official Website www.kine.io.

2、Navigate to the top right corner and click on [Login/ Register] button

Choose Your Registration Method

Select either CEX or DEX. For DEX users: if you choose to connect to Metamask wallet, Kine will generate an account based on the connected wallet address and bind it.

For CEX users: if you choose a phone number or email registration, log in after successful registration using your account password or verification code.

APP Login

Visit www.kine.io on your mobile device. Kine provides automatic support for both Android & iOS versions, allowing you to choose the appropriate download option.

1、If you registered by phone or email, you can fill in the information and password to log in.

2、Scan to login: if you are a Metamask user, click [Connect with Wallet] and follow the on screen instructions.

3、Scan the webpage's QR code for one-click login, after binding Google Authenticator on the Kine website.

Mobile Registration for DEX Affiliates

Step 1: Login Metamask

Step 2: Navigate to the Metamask homepage and click on the highlighted browser icon, as shown in the above image.

Step 3: Obtain and copy the referral link. For example, https://r.kine.io/ref/XXXXX_. (Note: the suffix, XXXXX, represents your unique referral code)_

Step 4: Visit the referral link page and you will head over to the access the registration page. Select the Metamask option to sign in.

Step 5: A sign request will appear, and click [Sign].

Step 6: You will receive a confirmation hint indicating that your registration was successful.

Step 7: You will be automatically redirected to the KINE APP homepage.

Step 8: Or you can back to the registration page, click download the KINE APP and install it on your device.

Step 9: Once successfully downoad, open the KINE APP and click on the top left icon to access the login page.

Step 10: After that, you can login by Email/Phone, or connect Metamask. Click [Wallet], KINE APP will prompt Metamask to wake up. (Tips: If you have not logged into Metamask yet, it will ask you to log in first before displaying this page.)

Step 11: Successfully wake up Metamask APP, then click [Connect].

Step 12: Click [Sign]. After signing up, you will be automatically redirected to a page confirming your successful registration.

Step 13: To navigate back to the homepage, simply click on the back button located at the top left corner, and enjoy your trading on KINE.

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