Tournament Rules

The KINE Tournament is now live! Join the tournament and unleash the unlimited potential of trading. The top prize can reach up to 500U bonus, and if you successfully defend your title as the champion, you will receive double rewards! Participate in supporting the champions and win rewards together. Battle it out in the Tournament, unlock great prizes, only in the KINE Tournament Tournament!

How to participate: No registration required. Simply be among the top 100 users in both trading profit amount and profit rate rankings to automatically enter the tournament leaderboard.

Explanation of Profit Leaderboard

Activity Rules:

1.Join the Activity

When the activity kicks off, the top 100 users with a trading volume of at least 200,000 USDT on both the profit and profit rate leaderboards will make their way onto the tournament leaderboard. Your overall score, calculated from profit, profit rate, and boost value, will determine your ranking.

During the activity, users can improve their rank through trading, inviting friends, and other methods. The leaderboard updates in real-time based on users' scores. At the end, the top positions (1st to 10th) will get rewards as per the table below.

Ranking Prize
Champion (1st place) 500u Bonus
Second place 300u Bonus
Third place 100u Bonus
4th place 100u Bonus
5th place 100u Bonus
6th place 100u Bonus
7th place 100u Bonus
8th place 100u Bonus
9th place 100u Bonus
10th place 100u Bonus

2.Reward Distribution

Rewards will be distributed every Wednesday, Bonus rewards can be viewed in the bonus account or in the Reward Center under "My Rewards".

3.Boost Rules

If the user you choose to boost successfully enters the top 3 of the tournament leaderboard, you will have a chance to receive corresponding bonus.

  • Boost Reward Acquisition Conditions:
    • The boosted user enters the top 3 of the tournament leaderboard;
    • The boosting user enters the top 50 on the booster leaderboard;
  • Bonus Fund: Champion - 5U, Second Place - 3U, Third Place - 1U
  • Reward Calculation Method: Boost Order Coefficient * Bonus Fund
  • Boost Order and Coefficient Table:
Boost Order Boost Order Coefficient
Boost 1-10 Reward 5x
Boost 11-20 Reward 3x
Boost 21-50 Reward 1x


  • User A (the boosted champion): Boosters ranked 1-10 receive 25U, Boosters ranked 11-20 receive 15U, and Boosters ranked 21-50 receive 5U.
  • User B (the boosted Second Place): Boosters ranked 1-10 receive 15U, Boosters ranked 11-20 receive 9U, and Boosters ranked 21-50 receive 3U.
  • User C (the boosted Third Place): Boosters ranked 1-10 receive 5U, Boosters ranked 11-20 receive 3U, and Boosters ranked 21-50 receive 1U.

(*Above examples involve rewards in the form of future bonuses.)


  • In case of tied scores, users will be ranked based on their UID order.
  • Each user gets one boost voting opportunity per season, and self-boosting is not allowed.
  • Users with a cumulative trading volume exceeding 10,000 USDT in the five days before the season are eligible for boost opportunities.
  • Boosting is only allowed in the first five days; unused boosts during this period become invalid.
  • The boosted user (on the tournament leaderboard) can be boosted up to 50 times per season. If they fall off but return during the activity, the boost count restarts.
  • Any malicious wash trading, illegal mass registration, or other violations during the activity will result in eligibility cancellation. The next user in line takes their place on the leaderboard.
  • Users not wanting to participate should contact official customer service to cancel eligibility.
  • Reward types and quantities for the tournament are subject to change each season. For precise information, kindly refer to the latest team announcements, and the team reserves the right to interpret.

Please note that KINE does not endorse or guarantee any virtual assets on the platform, as their prices can be highly volatile and investing in them carries risks. However, we prioritize our users and strive to create a professional, secure, and trustworthy environment for digital asset trading.

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