Creator Application Agreement

Dear Kine Protocol User,

The establishment of this specification is based on the Kine Protocol User Agreement, Privacy Policy, and Statements. Your acceptance and compliance with this regulation are deemed as agreement to the relevant content of other service terms of Kine Protocol.

The guidelines for Kine Protocol creators are as follows; please read carefully:

1.Creator Code of Conduct:

  • Creators are prohibited from making false or defamatory statements that harm the reputation of Kine Protocol.
  • Creators must refrain from posting content that is reactionary, sensitive, instigating, spreading rumors, or vulgar.
  • All published content must avoid including promotional material and adhere to KINE's platform standards and local legal regulations.
  • Creators must strive to guide users toward profit, consider transaction risks promptly, and refrain from advising users to engage in wash trading for the sake of high returns and commissions.
  • Creators are not allowed to employ high-risk, high-return trading strategies that may pose uncontrollable risks to users.
  • To safeguard the interests of users, creators must not display, reveal, or imply social account details or contact information in nicknames, profiles, and other information displays.
  • In cases where serious consequences arise due to a creator's actions, Kine Protocol reserves the right to take relevant measures, including revoking the creator's qualifications.
  • Kine Protocol reserves the right to independently decide to cancel or modify creator or creation rules.

2.Forms of Punishment:

  • The first violation results in a three-day mute.
  • Exceeding {nun} warnings will lead to the revocation of creator status.

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