Trader Agreement

Please refer to the following guidelines for becoming traders on Kine Protocol:

  1. Trader Requirements

  2. Your copy trade account must not be following any other traders.

  3. Your trading account had assets of ≥ $500 on KINE at the time of application.
  4. At the time of application, your trading account must have had assets ≥$500.
  5. Your trading account has achieved a win rate of ≥ 55% in the past 7 days on KINE.
  6. Your trading account has accumulated more than 7 days of trading on KINE since its application.
  1. Trader Profit Sharing Rules

Traders can receive a profit share of 10%-30% from the profits made by their followers. (This includes the ratio of commission shared with the direct referrer, the referrer of the follower. The actual profit received by the trader after deducting the referrer's share will be less.)

  1. Standards for Trader Conduct

  2. Traders are not allowed to make any defamatory or harmful remarks that damage the reputation of Kine Protocol.

  3. Traders must not promise profits to followers in order to attract them to copy trades.
  4. Traders should make every effort to help followers profit and consider their risks in a timely manner. It is prohibited to engage in wash trading for the sake of high returns or commissions.
  5. Traders must not use high-risk, high-return trading strategies that expose followers to uncontrollable risks.
  6. To protect the interests of followers, traders are not allowed to display, disclose, or imply social media accounts or contact information in their nicknames, profiles, or other displayed information.
  7. Traders are prohibited from engaging in matched trading with multiple accounts. Once discovered, they will permanently lose their eligibility to copy trades.
  8. Traders must not engage in malicious operations, including but not limited to artificially inflating follower numbers or funds through malicious wash trading. Otherwise, the community will permanently suspend the trader's account.
  9. In cases where trading behavior leads to serious consequences, Kine Protocol will take appropriate actions to intervene, such as revoking the trader's eligibility, and suspending their account.

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