Kine Blind Box NFT Instructions

Blind Box NFT Event Has Expired.

Kine Protocol's latest Trading FUN Christmas Special event - participate in trading to get a blind box and draw for NFT token cards. Up to 1 ETH token reward for blind box drawing.

Join the Kine NFT platform and get additional Kine tokens for forge NFT cards. Trading + Blind Box + NFT card games at the Kine Protocol Christmas 'Trading FUN' event!

Event Period: 2021-12-23 10:00 to 2022-1-23 23:59, UTC+0

I. Blind Box User Guide

  1. Login to Kine Exchange with your wallet and complete a minimum of 1000U of trading volume,


  • 1 uesr will get 1 Blind Box per day.
  • The Blind Box collection period: Trade before 10:00am,UTC+0(T+0), you can collect the blind box from 16:00pm(T+0) to 07:59am(T+1),UTC+0 .
  • Earned blind boxes will remain available for 24 hours. If the box remains unclaimed, it will expire.

  • Use BSC or Avalanche network to log in Kine NFT to enter the 'Kine NFT Box' World.

3)Once the wallet has been successfully connected, view 'My Blind Boxes' to check the available Blind Box.

4) Click 'Open' to redeem the Blind Box and get the NFT token card

II. NFT Token Card User Guide:

1. Forging: Should you decide to forge your Themed NFT token cards, you will receive the Advanced NFT card which contains extra KINE token rewards. Once the Advanced NFT card is burned, the corresponding tokens and extra KINE token rewards will be sent to your wallet.

A total of 19 types of Themed NFT cards that can be forged into 3 types of Advanced NFT cards, refer to the Christmas Event Announcement for detials.

Forging Steps:

1) Go to ''My NFT'' - 'Themed NFT' and click on 'Forge' button

2) The system will automatically identify cards for you that have met the forging criteria, as shown in the image below, the "Forge" button be lit in green once meets the forge criteria . Click on the "Forge" button and complete the contract interaction to forge the Advanced NFT card.

3)Advenced NFT cards can be viewed in ''My NFT'' - 'Advanced NFT'

2.Burn NFT token cards (including both Themed NFT and Advanced NFT) will allow user to get the corresponding crypto tokens in the wallet.

Burning Steps

1)Go to ''My NFT'' - 'Themed NFT' , select the card you want to burn and click the 'Burn' button

2)Enter the burning quantity and click "Burn"

3)Approve the smart contract execution with the confirmation via wallet

4)Once finish executing, it will show " Successful" and you can view the token in your wallet balance


3. Swapping: Every card - including forged cards- can be swapped freely on the Kine NFT trading market, pricing with BNB, AVAX and KINE tokens.

Sell Steps

Go to ''Trade NFT'' - "Sell My NFT", select the card you want to sell and price it. After a successful transaction, the user will receive the corresponding tokens in the wallet balance.

Purchase Steps

1)Go to ''NFT Trading'' - "Market", select the NFT token card you need, click "Buy Now" and complete confirmation

2)After the 'Successful' display, the NFT token card purchsed is completed. Can view the card in 'My Orders' - 'I Bought 'or 'My NFT'.

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