About Future Bonus

1.Basic Intro

a.Users can earn future bonuses by fulfilling specific task requirements outlined in the Reward Center, as specified in the task description.

b.Engaging in any form of fraudulent activity to obtain rewards through unethical means will be deemed cheating. If such behavior is verified upon review, the user's account will be permanently banned, and all accumulated bonus rewards will be forfeited.

c.KINE retains the ultimate authority to interpret the rules of this activity and has the discretion to modify tasks and rewards based on market conditions at any given time.

2.How to Check Bonus

a.Check the bonus balance:

Log in to the official website and click on "Reward Center" - "My Coupons" - "Future Bonus" to view the balance. On the app, log in and click on "Assets" - "Bonus Account" - "Future Bonus" to view the bonus balance.

b.View transaction records:

Log in to the official website and click on "Futures" - "Trade History" to view the bonus transaction records. On the app, open the app and click on "Futures" - "Trade History" to view the bonus transaction records.

3.Rules for Using Bonus:

a.Kine Bonus can only be used for futures trading, and the profit portion can be withdrawn while the bonus funds themselves cannot.

b.If you do not use the bonus funds within 24 hours of receiving them, they will expire automatically. Therefore, please use them as soon as possible to avoid expiration. Once bonuses are used to open a position, the position can be held for a maximum of 24 hours. If the position is not closed manually or forcibly closed within 24 hours, the system will close the position with a market order.

c.Bonus trading must meet the conditions of cross-margin or isolated margin and 5x leverage supported by the bonus coupon.

d.When using bonus to open a position, the system will prompt you that you have entered bonus trading mode. If you want to switch to using your contract account USDT for order placement, you can click on "Exit" in the upper right corner of the trading page to switch.

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