$KINE Trading Fees Discount Rules

Spot Trading Fees Discount Rules

Kine offers fee discounts to users who hold Kine token ($Kine). Users can activate the $KINE Spot Trading Fees Discount on top of their existing membership tier rates to enjoy additional fee discounts.

To avail the $KINE Spot Trading Fees Discount, please follow these steps:

1.Go to the official KINE platform website or APP.

2.Click on the [Profile] icon located in the top right corner of the page. From the dropdown menu, select [Trading Fee Rate Level] to access the Fee level page.

3.On the Fee Tier page, click the [Enable] button to activate the $KINE Spot Trading Fees Discount.

By enabling this feature, you can now utilize your Kine tokens to pay for trading fees and enjoy a 10% discount.

To qualify for the fee discount, you must fulfill the following conditions:

1.Initially, users need to click the "Enable" button to activate the $KINE Spot Trading Fees Discount feature. Failure to enable this feature will result in the discount not being applied.

2.Once the $KINE Spot Trading Fees Discount is enabled, users can completely offset their trading fees if they possess an adequate balance of Kine tokens in their account.

Note: If a user has enabled the $KINE Spot Trading Fees Discount but lacks sufficient $Kine tokens to cover the trading fees, the discount cannot be applied, and the original trading fee rates will be in effect.

To view the records of the Fee discount, follow these steps:

1.Visit the platform's website and navigate to either the [Order History] or [Trade History] page.

2.In the list of past orders, you will find the details of the fee charges, which will be displayed as the converted value in USD after applying the $Kine Token discount.

3.Additionally, you can check the deduction records for $KINE Trading Fees Discount in the [Asset Management] or [Financial Records] section. Look for entries labeled as [Fee Deduction] with Kine tokens.

Please note that if a user has an affiliate partnership with the platform where the commission rate equals or exceeds the VIP discount level, the partnership commission rate will take precedence over the VIP discount.

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