Trader’s Code of Conduct

Dear Kine Protocol Users,

Please find the following Trader’s Code of Conduct:

1. To be a trader on Kine, you are required to:

a.Your account's current margin type is USDT margin

b.Account's current position type is split position

c.During the review period the following conditions do not exist: positions, open orders, and following traders

d.Assets on KINE ≥ $1000 when applying

e.Win Rate on KINE ≥ 50% when applying

f.Trading on KINE for more than 7 days when applying

2. Profit sharing rules

The trader's profit sharing ratio is 10% of the profit , and the loss position will not be distributed.

3. Code of Conduct

(1) Traders shall not make any unpleasant and defamatory comment that would damage the reputation of Kine;

(2) Traders shall not make any promise of profit to attract copiers;

(3) Traders need to help copiers make a profit to the best of their ability, bear in mind the risk of copiers, and shall not engage in any wash trading for higher yield or higher commission.

(4) Traders must not use high-risk, high-return trading strategies that create uncontrollable risk for copiers;

(5) To protect the interests of copiers, traders shall not display, reveal or imply social accounts or contact information in areas that exhibit nicknames, profiles, and other information

(6) Traders are prohibited from using multiple accounts for matched orders. Once found, they will be permanently disqualified from initiating copy trades;

(7) Traders shall not operate in bad faith, including and not limited to conducting any malicious wash trading to raise the number of copiers or the amount invested by copiers. Otherwise, the trader account will be permanently suspended by the community.

(8) For any severe consequences caused by trader behaviors, Kine will intervene with the trader’s transactions, cancel their trader status and terminate the trader’s account.

4. Disciplinary rules

(1) Where a trader refuses to close more than 10 orders under reverse market conditions or opens more than 3 orders in both directions, and the losing position fails to be closed within 24 hours after the loss occurs; or

(2) Where a trader opens multiple positions at similar prices within the same time range and multiple positions under one or more accounts are opened and closed at around the same time; or

(3) Where a trade has not initiated any new trades in the past 7 days;

such traders will be punished.

5. Punishment

(1) For the first foul, the profit will not be distributed;

(2) For another foul, the trader's account will be suspended.

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