About Spot Trading Fee Rates

Here is the detailed breakdown of the spot trading fee rates:


The membership levels on the KINE platform are categorized into different tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. These tiers indicate the varying levels of membership for users. To check your current membership level, simply navigate to the personal information section. There, you will find the details regarding your membership status.

How to view your membership level and experience points (Exp.) on KINE:

1.Log in to your Kine account.

2.Click on the "Profile" section to access your personal information. Within the "Profile" section, click on the level symbol to access the membership system page.

3.On the membership system page, you will find a progress bar indicating your level benefits, with Diamond being the highest level

4.Additionally, you can view the experience points required to reach the next level and the corresponding benefits of each membership level.

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