Special Thanksgiving Rules

🗓 Event Period (Complete Goals + Open Gift Box): 8 am, Nov 23 ~ 8 am, Nov 30 (UTC+8)

🙌 How to Participate:

1.Visit Kine official website, find [Reward Center] then Gift Box limited event to join.

2.Download Kine APP, and simply find the Thanksgiving Gift Box entry on the homepage to join the celebration.

🎁 Gifts:

  • Standard Gift Box Contents: 50–250,000 $KINE
  • Rare Gift Box Deliveries: PS5, smartphones, fitness trackers, cold wallets, keyboards, and vouchers for a Chicken, KINE branded merch Combo and more.

🎯 Rules:All users are welcome to participate; just achieve the specified goals to unlock the gift box, receiving $KINE and other generous prizes! For Kine platform long-time and active users, additional rewards await! Check out the basic goals and $KINE prize rules below:


Q: How can I successfully participate in the Thanksgiving event?

A: Simply achieve the basic participation threshold of a trading volume of 200,000 and a deposit of 1,000 to earn 50 $KINE tokens

.Q: Can I count my trading volume and deposit from last year to meet the criteria?

A: No. All tiers in the campaign are based on the trading volume and deposit within the current year (01/01/2023 00:00:00 - 11/30/2023 08:00:00). Only meeting the tier criteria within this timeframe is considered in compliance with the rules.

Q: Can I receive token rewards if I meet only one of the conditions?

A: No. To qualify for the token rewards at any level, both trading volume and deposit conditions for that level must be met simultaneously.

Q: What if I meet the deposit requirement for level 1 and the trading volume requirement for level 3?

A: You'll receive rewards based on the lower level that fulfills both deposit and trading volume conditions, resulting in 100 tokens.

Q: How can I confirm which tier I currently meet?

A: On the campaign page, you will find a progress bar displaying your current trading volume and deposit. You can use this progress bar to understand your current status and see how much more you need to reach the next tier.

Q: When can I claim rewards, and is there a deadline?

A: Claim your rewards between 8 am on November 23rd and 8 am on November 30th via the Kine website and app. Rewards not claimed by the deadline will expire.

Q: Can rewards from different levels be stacked?

A: During the event, each user can only claim one gift from one tier, and just once. Once claimed, your trading volume and deposit will no longer be considered for the condition.

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